Viva Eternidad

As we look at the increasing crime, as we see the rising tension between brother and brother and nation and nation, as we behold the uncertainty of the elements, as watch our pocket books empty from the rapidly rising prices, it is easy to be overcome with fear and hopelessness. It is tempting to believe that all hope is gone and that only suffering and death await this unraveling world.

But their is good news in Jesus for this hopeless, upside down world. He has promised all who desire a chance at a new life. By His great sacrifice He has opened the door to salvation and has promised that all who accept His free gift the right to one day walk the streets of translucent gold where the pangs of sickness and death are not known.

This world is falling apart. As we draw closer to the second coming, the hearts of man are growing cold to the plight of their brothers and sister. Nature is reeling in horror from the increasing effects of sin, as men prepare to make their final choice.

But the good news is that this world, burdened down by sin, is not our hope. We are not doomed to spend eternity in a world marred by greed, hatred, and selfishness is not our promise. Our days weighted down by pain, thirst, hunger, disappointment, and the constant struggle to earn our daily bread.

No, heaven and the earth made new, washed clean from all defilement, free from the faintest taint of sin, is our hope. A heavenly Canaan, flowing with milk and honey, is the fulfillment of our dearest wishes.

In the unbroken peace of the earth made new we will find our greatest joy and behold our dearest dreams come to fruition. For all eternity we will walk from one corner of the new earth to the other and travel to distant lands free from the fear of being robbed. We will build homes and inhabit them, We will plant gardens and enjoy the fruit of our pleasant labors.

We will find unspeakable joy communing with the likes of Daniel, Moses, David, and the great heroes of the Bible and reformation. In amazement we will hear the first hand account of what it was like for unfallen beings as they watched in horror the devastating results of sin. Our hearts will be filled with wonder as we speak with the angels who guarded the ark and the Israelite’s in their long wilderness wandering. And what a thrill will come over us as we learn from the lips of our guardian angel, the many ways God protected us from a million unseen dangers.

Best of all, as we walk past the peaceful stream of the River of Life and enjoy the sweet fruits of the Tree of Life, we will find our greatest joy in communing with Jesus. What joy will be ours on that wonderful day, when our Maker and our Savior, knocks upon our door, and like Zacchaeus, tells us that He has come to eat at our house. And then begins to unfold to us the unseen battle between good and evil, and how He bent low to save us from our sins.

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